Symptoms of Chest Pain originating from your Spine?

Your spine is a very common cause of chest pain, which can be fixed by treatment of your thoracic spine and rib cage. However, chest pain originating from your spine won’t kill you, but a heart attack can!

  • Spinal Discs can refer pain through your chest wall like a knitting needle. Coughing or Sneezing hurts.
  • Spinal Facet Joints refer pain around your rib cage. Trunk movements will aggravate or ease your pain.
  • Rib Joints send pain down and around your rib cage. Pain can be increased with coughing, deep breathing and trunk or shoulder movements.
  • Back Muscles will generally be more painful in sustained postures eg sitting at a computer. These are commonly felt between your shoulder blades and can be relieved by massage.

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