Meet Our San Diego Chiropractor

Dr. Kien Ta

Dr. Kien Ta is a highly experienced medical/chiropractic expert and legal trial specialist. He is certified by the American Board of Independent Examiners to perform full medicolegal evaluations and to testify against other medical experts. Dr. Ta is certified in the American Medical Association’s 5th Edition Impairment Rating and as an Industrial Disability Examiner. The State of California has appointed Dr. Kien Ta as a Qualified Medical Evaluator in Workmans’ Compensation claims.

Dr. Ta has successfully treated over 10,000 personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. He has testified in many trials with deposition, mediation and arbitration. Dr. Ta and his team can help injured victims obtain the proper medical treatment that they deserve.

Kim Chi Nguyen

Radiology Technology and X-Rays San Diego

A fully licensed Radiology Technologist since 1994 and also the office manager. She has extensive knowledge with billing, coding and collection procedure as well as diagnostic testing protocols. She will make sure patients receive proper diagnostic testing to determine the severity of their injury. She also advices patient and attorney on some insurance coverage issues that can affect their case going forward.

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