CK Chiropractic Center | Dr. Kien Ta
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CK Chiropractic has two convenient locations in San Diego – El Cajon Boulevard in Normal Heights and Carroll Centre Road in Mira Mesa. CK Chiropractic is recognized as the area’s top provider for auto accident injury, work injury, and complex legal cases. Our office speaks four different languages (English, Vietnamese, Spanish and Mandarin) and our experience and credentials set us apart as we expertly help patients recover from whiplash, back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder injury, joint pain, concussion, and other chronic conditions.

Dr. Kien Ta is a highly experienced medical/chiropractic expert and legal trial specialist. He is certified by the American Board of Independent Examiners to perform full medicolegal evaluations and to testify against other medical experts. Dr. Ta is certified in the American Medical Association’s 5th Edition Impairment Rating and as an Industrial Disability Examiner. The State of California has appointed Dr. Kien Ta as a Qualified Medical Evaluator in Workmans’ Compensation claims.